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Anery Tiger

A lightened, refined pattern version of the Anery gene- very beautiful and rare 2 gene retics with a lot of potential for combos.


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The Tiger gene adds a whole new dimension to the Anery look.  It forces any yellow pigments down on the sides of the snakes, where they appear almost green, and stretches that grey base color on top out, lightening it into new shades of blue.  With bold black pattern, and bright clean white side spots, these animals are really pleasing to the eye.  We have already seen how amazing they look with Platinum, but have yet to see them in a slew of other mutations.  These can bred bred into other co-dom to quickly paint your favorite morph in the Anery palette, or bred into recessive color mutations, like Amel, Orange Ghost Stripe, or Caramel to start a path to some crazy new snakes!

Anery Tiger
Anery Tiger. Great for exciting new breeding projects.
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